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Complete Mathematical and Physical Constant List

Mathematical ConstantsDescriptionKeystroke
2 pi
4 pi
pi over 2
pi over 4
1 over 2 pi
1 over pi
2 over pi
2 over square root pi
1 over square root 2
Square root 2option-2
Base of the natural logarithm, eoption-e
1 over e
Natural Logarithm of 10
Natural Logarithm of 2
Log base 2 of e
Log base 10 of e
Apéry's constant
Catalan's constant
Euler's number
Golden ratio

Physical ConstantsDescriptionKeystroke
Atomic mass unit
Avogodro's number
Bohr magnetonoption-m
Boltzmann constantoption-k
Compton wavelength of electron
Electron chargeoption-q
Electron g-factor
Electron gyro-magnetic ratio
Fine structure constant
Josephson constant
Mass of Electron
Mass of Neutron
Mass of Proton
Newton's gravitational constant
Permeability of free space
Permitivity of free space
Planck constantoption-h
Planck constant over 2 pi
Quantum of conductance
Quantum of flux
Rydberg constant
Speed of light in vacuumoption-c
Stefan-Boltzmann constant
Vacuum impedance